11th Annual Public Administration Reform Symposium

Day One - Monday 3rd December 2018
09:00 Registration and Refreshments

09:45 Chairman’s Welcome and Introductions

Chair’s introduction and welcome
Looking ahead to the symposium

10:00 Building Trust in the Public Sector
Citizens’ trust - Behavioural responses from the public
Nurturing cooperation and compliance from the public
Increasing investor and consumer confidence
Gaining trust from stakeholders
Increasing trust levels in the workforce
Creating an environment of trust in management

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:15 Leading Effective Change in Public Administration
Defining and setting achievable goals
Managing expectations
Preparing for roadblocks
Managing resources effectively in tough economic conditions

12:15 Improving Communication in the Public Sector
Driving innovation in public sector communication
Producing engaging content
Collaborating effectively with various stakeholders to produce useful content
Future of public sector communication

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Thinking Strategically in Public Administrative Management
Effectively framing policy strategy
Adapting strategic frameworks
Organisational and managerial strategy

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:15 Panel Discussion: Balancing the Relationships and Expectations between Politicians and the Administration

16:15 End of Day Wrap-Up

16:30 Networking Drinks

17:30 Close

Day Two - Tuesday 4th December 2018
09:30 Refreshments

09:45 Chairman’s Welcome and Recap


10:00 Gaining Clarity on Stakeholder Expectations and How to Manage Them
Developing and implementing effective methods of stakeholder engagement
Building adequate support with stakeholders
Exploring Public-Private Partnerships
Building trust between stakeholders through effective transparency initiatives

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:15 Increasing Citizen Engagement in Public Administration
Improving participation, co-production and interdependency
Preparing for consequences of participatory and co-productive practices
Nudge and citizens reactions to public services
Identifying innovative opportunities for community participation/policing

12:15 Using New Technology to Increase Transparency
The roadmap towards implementing E-government reforms
Identifying effective digital platforms in public administration
Accountability and digital platforms
Case Study: Estonia

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Building Trust from within the Public Sector: Empowerment and Innovation of  of Workers
Improving procurement processes and public perception
Creating a sound framwork for financial accountability
Impact of social media and public engagement
Trust and reforms

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:15 Discussion: Innovative Practices in Transparency, Leadership and Building Trust in Public Administration

16:15 End of Symposium Wrap-Up

16:30 Close

Professional Certificate in Strategic Public Administration

Day Three - Wednesday 5th December 2018
09:30 Registration and Refreshments

09:45 Chair's Welcome and Introductions

10:00 Public Policy and Governance
The impact of political context on public administration
Political accountability
The role of public managers in the policymaking process
Distinctive features of public sector management
Ensuring objective-driven strategy

11:00 Morning coffee

11:15 Leadership and Strategy in the Public Services
Styles of individual and collective leadership
Ethical leadership in the public services
The importance of strategic capabilities
The role of stakeholder consultation in strategy development and legitimation

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Public Sector Financial Management
Financial and budget controls
Management of working capital
How public services are financed
Ongoing trends
The impact on resource management practices

14:45 Afternoon tea

15:00 Risk, Responsibility and Regulation
Risk and the case for regulation
Risk assessment
Public perceptions of risk

16:15 Final Questions and Discussion

16:30 Close

Day Four - Thursday 6th December 2018
09:30 Registration and Refreshments

09:45 Chair's Welcome and Recap

10:00 Efficiency and Effectiveness
Cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis
Audit of public organisations
Development of innovative financial mechanisms

11:00 Morning coffee

11:15 Strategy Planning and Delivery of Public Administration
Long-range planning - a dynamic and unpredictable environment
Stakeholders and stakeholder analysis
Linkages and other strategies
Plan building
Building capacity and capability
Impact and implications of the wider environmental context, including international standards and requirements
Ensuring a strategic delivery of services
Preparing for potential challenges in implementation

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Managing Organisational Change
Theories of organisational change in public organisations
Ensuring need and providing a plan
Building internal support for change including overcoming resistance
Build external support and resource provision
Pursuing comprehensive change

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:15 Strategic Project Management in the Public Sector
Tools for managing public administration projects
Managing the project environment in a strategic manner
Project management processes
Best practices and contextualisation
People and their role in projects

16:15 Final Questions and Discussion

16:30 Close

Day Five - Friday 7th December 2018
09:30 Registration and Refreshments

09:45 Chair's Welcome and Recap

10:00 Partnerships and Stakeholders
Key stakeholders
How to cater to differing needs
Facilitating stakeholder collaboration
More effective knowledge-based stakeholder partnerships
Discussion: public-private partnerships – benefits and challenges

11:00 Morning coffee

11:15 Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration
The notion of ‘open government’
Anti-corruption mechanisms
Enhancing oversight mechanisms
Comparing the accountability of public officials
Building trust in the public service
Considering impact

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Evaluating Performance of Public Administration
Creating evaluation procedures for particular contexts
Performance appraisal
Some sample tools to monitor and evaluate performance
The institutionalisation of monitoring and evaluation systems

14:00 Chartered Management Institute Criteria and Assignments
Structuring a piece of written work for assessment
Understanding the CMI assessment criteria
Mapping content and assessment criteria

14:45 Final Questions and Discussion
Course recap and discussion
Evaluation forms
Certificate presentation and group photograph

15:00 Close